Three techniques used to grow our traffic to over two million users per month

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This is a viewpoint from Luc Guilhamon, co-founder and vice president of marketing at Viajala. In a previous column, I shared how Viajala, a Latin American flight and hotel metasearch company I co-founded, competes with much bigger competition. In this column I am sharing three specific techniques we implemented to further increase our travel traffic. As with my previous column, this isn’t meant as a blueprint for your own business; my purpose is to provide readers with an interesting read that may trigger ideas they can use for their own business. Search and Facebook advertising are great channels to find users who are interested in booking flights or hotels, but we already rely vastly on these two traffic sources. We decided to diversify our traffic sources by improving our brand awareness, but we couldn’t afford any media spend – especially as we operate in seven different markets. Three techniques used to grow our traffic to over two million users per month

thumbnail courtesy of Tinder Obtained More Than 50 Million Users Through Word-of-Mouth In just two years, dating app Tinder had acquired 50 million users– each of them logging into the app an average 11 times a day. Prior to Tinder, online dating services like and OkCupid were the popular ways to know someone romantically.





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